Arran & Co. | band branding

Last Saturday, I shot with Arran Fagan, Jack Pfeffer, & Jonathan Wiley, collectively the band Arran & Co. I shot them while surrounded by their warm, folky tunes as they practiced for their house show later that evening - I felt like I was having my own private show.
I wanted to replicate the homey feel of their music with this shoot, capturing it in the space where they often perform - we used the already existing space, with fairy lights and a piece of driftwood hanging on the wall.

With an all-strings composition, Arran sings and plays guitar, Jack plays the viola, and Jonathan's on the upright bass. All of these come together to create genuinely some of the best music I've ever heard - it makes me feel instantly calm and surrounded by friends whenever I hear it. My favorite song they practiced was called Revelations, which you can find at the link below.

If you'd like to hear their music (and I encourage you to), you can listen to their newest album on their Bandcamp here! They'll also be going on tour in the Spring, so keep your peepers out for that too!
Thank you guys for letting me into your space, and playing your awesome music. Please go see them whenever you have the chance!

Much love,
Mia Rose