Tiana + Luis | sunset session

When I show up to a shoot, I always know it will lift my spirits to interact and capture the beauty of individuals - what I don't expect is for my cheeks to be hurting from smiling for hours after. 


This June, I had the opportunity to shoot Tiana and Luis while I was visiting family in Hawai'i - and I believe this shoot changed the way I see my art and how it affects myself and others. 

It can be difficult to meet + shoot with strangers - as someone with anxiety, even more so. However, once I began to chat with these two, I felt as though we were all instantly comfortable with each other. I asked them questions - what was your favorite date? what do you like most about each other? - that helped them become more at ease and vulnerable with me, and as I learned more about them, I felt more comfortable as well.

We began to laugh and relax, as they told me about inside jokes, and their history as a couple. Before I knew it, the sun had almost set and our time was coming to an end. I hugged and thanked them, and while I was driving home I found that I could not stop smiling. This experience with these two, and feeling the palpable love they had for each other, had given me more than just valuable experience shooting couples. It made me happier than I had been in a while, and it pushed me to give them the product they deserved. While editing, I felt like they deserved my absolute best product, and as a result my editing skill improved as I challenged myself to try new and better things. 


So I have to offer my sincere thanks to Tiana and Luis, for helping me better myself through capturing your love - my art has benefitted greatly just from meeting you. 

You can see more of their session here.


Much love,
Mia Rose