arran fagan's weight of time | album cover design

last fall, arran fagan — a friend + favorite musician of mine, entrusted me with the undertaking of designing the album cover for his latest release, called weight of time. arran came to me with a childhood photo he wanted featured + some references for inspiration — i enjoy creating small graphic design projects for myself, but i rarely have the opportunity to work with others.

for inspiration, we started with albums like anna tivel’s small believer, jeffrey martin’s one go around, and courtney marie andrew’s honest life. simple, a little folksy, and quite personal.

arran blog.png

the process for this was also fairly simple: arran had this photo of him as a child with his father by the water; for the font, i went with the simple + sans-serif montserrat light. i wanted to add a little color to arran’s name, and pulled a seafoam-blue from the photograph: 859EA2. This color also served as the tracks’ font on the back cover.


although this was a small introductory graphic project, i’m honored that arran trusted me with this aspect of his art. this is seriously one of the few albums i love listening to the whole way through — you should listen to it on spotify here! this was a fun, collaborative process + i hope i get the chance to do something like this again!