astoria day trip | travel

my fiancé + i have tried to make a habit of going on small day trips to get out of portland once in a while — it always starts with a map, two caramel lattés + an openness to unexpected stops.


one of these stops was a small park on our way to astoria via scappoose. we stopped so quickly i didn’t even read the name of the area, and it was so magical i’m not quite sure it even exists. we stopped here for about thirty minutes, just standing in awe of the foggy landscape before us.


the routine of work + our usual weekend rhythms can get taxing every once in a while + it can be nice to remind ourselves of what else is out there. we didn’t know quite where we were, but it didn’t matter. all that mattered was that we were looking at dozens of beautiful birds in a strange lake off our route, which we eventually continued on to.


astoria was also nothing short of magical — all the older preserved architecture had me swooning all day, like the historic flavel house. it sits across the oregon film museum, which was also featured in the opening scene of the goonies as the town jail.


although we hadn’t planned on stopping by the liberty theatre, once we drove by it once we knew we had to go back for a closer look. the teeny tiny box office is glass all around, and the facade is delicately intricate. it looks even better from across the street, when you can take the whole scene in at once.


when in astoria, i think it’s almost required that one must visit the shipwreck in fort stevens park, as well as trek through dead man’s cove. these were two of my favorite stops while we were here — although the bridge to get across the river was quite unnerving. both of these places contained within them juxtapositions of humanity + nature, whether its the remains of a century-old ship covered in algae or gorgeous natural rock formations that regularly become overrun with hikers and their four-legged friends.


we had an incredible time in astoria, and i didn’t even mention the best part — i had a heavenly experience with a chicken sandwhich at for george brewery, and all my future trips to astoria will not be complete without that sandwhich. i literally cannot tell you how good it was, so i hope you can try it for yourself someday soon.

thank you for reading my rambling musings, let me know if you’ve ever been to astoria + what your favorite spots are!