snowy memories | on film

while cleaning our apartment during our holiday home vacation, i discovered this roll of kodak portra 400 film that had never gotten undeveloped, and i had no idea what it contained.

excitedly, i sent the roll in, and waited very un-patiently for the requisite week before my own personal mystery would be solved.


to my great surprise, the roll of film was over two years old, which was made clear immediately through the shots of our old apartment and snowfall so heavy which portland hasn’t seen since.

all of the photos on the roll were taken in christmas eve. that morning, we received the most snow i had ever experienced, in an apartment complex that made it almost impossible to leave — this snowfall wouldn’t melt for almost a week.


so, resigned to being snowed in, elliott and i decided to take a walk through our freshly white neighborhood. we lived right next to a path through a forest in southeast portland, and we encountered a few people doing the same: staring in reverence in silence at the beauty all around us.


film photography is my favorite way to capture memories i know i’ll want to remember, like road trips and special little moments. especially when printed, it lends to the permanence of the moment. while i always have my film developed and printed in an independent lab — i truly respect + appreciate the quality that can be found in the right people who know their game.

i hope this encourages you in some small way to try to capture more memories, on film or digitally — just get out there!