what's in my bag | gear gabfest

i love when i get the occasional question about what i shoot with — i always take every opportunity i get to share what works for me and has served me well. every piece of my camera gear family fulfills a very special both in my collection and in my heart, so i wanted to write a blog post sharing what i keep in my camera bag! 

i’ll share what bag, bodies, and lenses i use, as well as all the assorted handy items that i’ve learned to keep around.

let’s dive in!


the bag:
kamrette lyra camera bag | elliott gifted me this bag a few years ago for my birthday, and it has held up so well that it still feels new. it has a ridiculous number of pockets, and yet i still always find a way to fill them up! this bag also has a section for my laptop, so it’s also a great carryon when i travel. i highly recommend this gorgeous bag, and although it’s usually out of stock, it’s super worth the wait!

the bodies:
canon eos 6d | this is hands-down the best piece of gear i have invested in. it is an incredible full-frame camera on the more affordable end, and it has served me so well for almost four years. i may upgrade eventually, but the canon 6d will always be my first love.

canon eos 5d mk ii | this is a relatively newer addition to my gear, and although it is an older body, it is still a workhorse. i have been using this body for portrait shoots and have fallen in love with the subtle differences that distinguish it from the 6d.

the lenses:
tamron 35mm f/1.8 | it may be unconventional, but i love shooting an entire portrait or senior shoot on this 35mm lens. it definitely adds an editorial look, but with enough finesse this lens can also be delicate and intimate in a way that has surprised me. this is definitely my favorite lens for the time being!

tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 | this is also a new addition to my bag, and every time i use it i still find myself learning something new. it is an excellent asset to a wedding set-up for everything from wide family shots to close detail shots, and i can’t wait to practice with it more.

canon 50mm f/1.4 | i have used this lens since my main body was the canon t3i, if you can believe it — i don’t use it as much as i used to, but it is still an incredibly reliable lens and always instills a feeling of nostalgia in me when i use it.

the film:

nikon f2 35mm film camera | although i keep this film camera in my bag, it comes out relatively rarely — this was given to me by my dad almost 10 years ago and i love keeping it around. i mostly use it if i take a special day trip or vacation, and i’ll usually shoot a roll or two at once in lieu of taking digital photos.

kodak portra 400 film | this is the film i use in the nikon f2! it is nuanced and dependable, and since i only use it once in a while, for my purposes it is worth the cost.

if you have any questions or want to chat about anything gear-related, please don’t hesitate to send me a note! i love talking about what has worked for me, as well as what hasn’t.

if you’ve gotten this far, thanks so much for reading + have a lovely day!